Fansler Farms is equipped to do the job! We currently operate a full line of modern machinery while utilizing GPS technology. Using GPS helps with reduced costs, application accuracy, and operator fatigue. The larger equipment also helps in reducing ground compaction, maximizing timely applications, and minimizing operation costs.


Using an RTK (real time kinematics) network, we are able to drive across the field with sub-inch accuracy year after year on the same path. This increases productivity while reducing compaction, operator fatigue, and input overlaps.


With the use of GPS, switches, controllers and clutches, we are able to prevent the over application of chemicals, fertilizer and seed. This reduces application in areas such as waterways, headlands and fence rows. It allows us to take better care of your land through less compaction. It eliminates over application, which improves water and air quality for all, and better protects the land of our customers. This all adds up to increased productivity, reduced costs, and environmental stewardship.


Using GPS and sensors, we can measure and record yield and moisture in 1 second intervals across the field. This information translates into a map which accurately shows what the field yielded in bushels and pounds. We are also able to use variety tracking which shows on-the-go yield for each different variety in that field.


Using SMS software, we are able to provide quick turnaround of data from the field to paper copies showing yield, application and seeding maps. This information is shared with our landowners for their records. This allows us to make better management decisions, which in turn leads to reduced costs and increased revenue. This gives you, the landowner, better and timely information to make better decisions about your farm.