Fansler Farms is always interested in exploring opportunities for win-win relationships in the rental of additional land for crop production. Whether the landowner is a retired farmer with a lifetime of farming experience or an urbanite with the first opportunity to invest in farmland, we have the ability and experience to take proper care of not only your land, but also take care of you as a customer.

If you like to have input in the decisions about the way a farm is operated, we have a history with “share rent” agreements. The owner shares the expense of producing a crop, along with a share of the production and profit. If your time is more limited or you would rather not worry about the details, the majority of rents are “cash rents” where we simply pay a specified amount per acre to the landowner and we pay all production costs and receive all income. There are advantages and disadvantages to each system. The landowner needs to decide which system more closely meets his or her goals for the farm. We are also willing to discuss different variations of share and cash rents, along with combinations of each.

Farmland management, when handled correctly, is a big job. Our family takes the responsibility of caring for your land seriously. With these thoughts in mind, we believe our strengths lie in the following areas:

  • Management Strength. Farming experience is supported by education in Business, Education, and Real Estate.
  • Attitude and Values. We are willing to put forth extra effort to see a job done well and completed on time.
  • Financial Stability & Continuity. Current landowners and lenders can be furnished as references.
  • Environmental Stewardship. We use a Global Positioning System to apply fertilizer and monitor yield levels for efficient nutrient maintenance. We establish and maintain grassed waterways and buffer strips. We also use organic fertilizer (chicken manure) as a substitute for some commercial fertilizers.
  • Good Crops and Care of Property. Consistent high yields and pride in the appearance and condition of farmsteads.

As farming changes with time, we change right along with it. As with any other industry, our business must adapt and explore new ideas to remain competitive. Unlike any other industry, our business is still a “family farm.” Our family has the expertise to responsibly operate additional land in a manner that meets the goals of each party, while keeping a focus on traditional family farm values. We welcome any opportunity to discuss farm rental possibilities.