Fansler Farms is a family farm in Shelby County, Indiana, specializing in corn and soybeans. The farm is owned and operated by Andrew and Carmen Fansler. The farm was started in 1995 by Andrew Fansler, with 42 acres of rented family ground and a lot of help from others. As our interest in farming increased, we were able to purchase a small farm and our true dedication to the world of farming began. Since that time, we have worked hard to make our goals and dedication come together to create a lifestyle we can be proud of today. The current farm has expanded into Decatur and Rush Counties, and Shelby County has continued to grow. The occupation of farming was not given to us, and farming was not in our family. It was earned by years of hard work and a lot of knowledge from the people around us. Farming is something we love and want to continue to do. In the future, we will strive to achieve our goals and make our farming operation grow. Fansler Farms is looking to continue to grow through buying land and renting land. The future of agriculture is uncertain, but we are certain that we will be involved in agriculture.


As a tenant we care for the farms as if they were our own. Mowing road-sides, trimming fence rows or total clearing, tile drainage and surface drainage, construction of waterways and other environmental projects help keep your farm in top shape for the future. Soil testing is done every other year, with zone sampling done by a third party agronomist with results shared with you. Crop care is essential for optimum yields! Monitoring weeds, insect and disease pressure is a very important part of the plant health. With our own agronomist working closely with the crops, we place our fields at the forefront of day to day operations. Integrity and honesty are the pillars in working with our landowners!


Fansler Farms will provide the kind of dedicated professional agricultural services that will earn community recognition as a model operation. With appropriate growth and environmental stewardship, we utilize knowledge to provide future generations with sustainable farming practices for years to come.